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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Fringe

I've been doing some thinking and I love wearing my hair with bangs do to the fact that I have quite a forehead, I was the kind of girl to always wear my hair with bangs.  However its been over a year since I've had bangs or should I say fringe... I'm a gal with curly hair and the fringe doesn't really work for me in the summer when its humid and I have to wear my hair curly most the time.  The Fringe is a look that can change and create the shape of a woman's face bring out our best features and hide our worst, bringing youth and spunk to each of us women.. There are different styles of wearing your fringe to compliment different shapes and sizes...

Round face

square shape

Oval shape

Heart shape

and oblong shape

make sure you consult with your hairstylist before you make the change for their opinion and advice for what look best fits your face and shape..   check out this video on how to trim your own fringe by celebrity  Hair stylist Ted Gibson just click on the link below

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