Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For the Strongest women I know and Strong women around the world

 These are the women who have someway some how made such impact  in my life and inspire me in so many different ways we have truly grown together Love you Ladies♥♥♥

'She' Treats her Self

A real woman needs no thrown.
She plants her feet on cements with
roots so strong they break through the ground.
She has connections in her mind so microscopic they produce no effort and minimum movement.
She lives her life working with her hands and still manages to have the understanding most don't .
Always analysing, jotting everything down on her right side of the brain
because the left side is on autopilot.
Always thought to  sympathize, but really empathizing to learn how
you can twist your bat to hit  a curveball out the field and still walk the bases in heels.
She has the touch of an angel and smile so angelic it makes the strongest of lions meow..
She has the power to do and undo as she pleases but doesn't. She knows that time wasted is a gift wasted 
and to accept a gift is to bless the giver.
She'll stay quite among her surroundings in time of agony with faith so strong she could move mountains.
Her physical beauty is appealing but not as appealing as the neurons that race through her brain.
She wraps herself around it tight with no facial expression of worry.
Just a smile and a nod.
Look close in her eyes and you will see there is more that lays beneath the layers of
physical beauty.
Only real men really notice..

Nela Ortiz
Written By: Nela Ortiz


  1. Awesome poem, Nela!

    Your fan,
    Becca Swanson
    The Strongest Woman in the World