Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.

Monday, October 22, 2012


If you ask me what it is that I like about what I do, I would tell you it's the transformation process of it all and absolutely the final corollary. Many of us will stand in front of a mirror and neglect to see the real beauty God has given us.  I for one several years ago after relentlessly damaging my hair do to relaxers, trying to appear like someone that I am not, made the courageous decision to grow my hair out naturally in the way that God had intended it for me.  Surprisingly of course with a lot of encouragement, and floundering with many of my colleagues I learned that I was more attractive, youthful, and happier with my natural curly hair. 
 For me it was a life changing experience that I would love you for many to share with me...  As a hairdresser and curly hair specialist I have been able to transform not just the look or style, but the lives of so many other women and men alike. Like myself they too could not believe that they could look and feel so good in the nature of their hair the hair that is one if not the greatest accessory to any woman's look, and if you don't believe me here are some before and after looks of some women and men I have had the pleasure to work on.
Transformation #1
This is Maritza she felt her hair was out of shape, boring, and dry. She was open for a change


After a nice chat some layers and introduction  the right products

she learned her hair wasn't straight after all it had lots of movement and  personality

Transformation #2

as well as straight hair there are tools to styling curly hair


Men too can work with their natural curls without buzzing it all off .
Transformation #3


Products used for styling were the devacurl three step
here are you devacurl 3 step for maximum result

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