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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Petal to a Rose on Prom night ❀

  So it's prom season and I have the pleasure of working with one of the most amazing and inspiring teens I've met in a long time.  So dedicated, devoted and always passionate of the everything she sets out to do.... Danisia Anderson is a senior at Health Opportunities Secondary School in the Bronx,  aside from being sweet, funny and creative along with many other talents; Volunteering and poetry are two of my favorite of her attributes. As a poet her words are so powerful, sharp, vivid, witty, and graceful, creating a world to the mind and piercing through the heart with such unyielding metaphors.

  Danisia is a volunteer with The Nakande's Project , in addition to the Build-on foundation, ( buildOn is a non-profit organization that empowers primarily urban US high school students through in-class and intensive after-school programs. In addition to tremendous contributions of community service in their own cities and neighborhoods, buildOn youth actually build schools and bring literacy to children and adults in developing countries around the world. buildOn programs are designed to build confidence and real-world capabilities in American youth while also empowering communities world-wide to overcome the crippling cycle of illiteracy, poverty and low expectations by opening the door to education.) an organization dedicated by contributing to society and even the human race... changing the lives of many.
  Going forward, she has asked me to style her hair and do her make up for her senior prom, and delighted to do so I accepted with great joy and enthusiasm; Not so much because I'm doing what I love to do, but rather because of whom I'm doing it for. A celebrity in my eyes a humble-some young woman, capable of challenging and encouraging herself, her peers and even her elders.
  Danisia will be wearing a lovely one shoulder flower dimensional black dress, and with that she requested to wear her hair on one side with soft curls, adding more flare and beauty to her already beautiful dress.  Excited to be a part of her soon to be extraordinary night I have been doing some searching and will show samples of the style I will be creating for Ms. Anderson... 

 Almost a very similar look to what Danisia will be wearing to her Prom

 A classic, elegant, and yet sexy, young and playful look, fit  for both women and young women in our modern age.. I encourage many other teens looking for a great look to pair up with their dress and date, and who want to look beautiful on their night... its a great and vivacious look for that evening.

Helping Danisia in making her night a memorable and magical night , by allowing her to feel confidant, radiant, and  exuberant, through pure beauty;  Soon as we complete our look I will post pictures of the work done and the very lovely teen before and after...

"In a world of disorder and disaster and fraud, sometimes only beauty can be trusted. "  Elizabeth Gilbert


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